Scandals & Conspiracies

Lifting the lid on last century’s most prominent cover-ups 

Marilyn Monroe. Princess Diana. Richard Nixon. Bill Clinton. All names recognised the world over. All the subject of controversies and conspiracies.

In his latest compelling book, Robert Williams considers some of the 20th century’s high profile scandals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Was the blonde bombshell murdered by the Kennedys?

Was the death of the People’s Princess more than just a tragic traffic accident?

And what events led to the first-ever resignation on an incumbent President of the United States?

These are the incidents that dominated the world’s back pages, shaped reputations, cultivated myths and brought down governments. Some, such as the Iran – Contra debacle, are strictly political; others, including Clinton’s extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky, are more personal. The Profumo affair, a complex web of intrigue amongst the upper echelons of British politics and society, incorporates both.

What follows are six compelling tales of lies and deceit, explored and unraveled by the Professor of Politics. This fascinating collection and dissection of high-profile conspiracies is not to be missed.

Scandals and Conspiracies can be purchased as an eBook or in hard copy via Amazon here

Conspiracy and Cover-Up?

The Kennedy Assassination and 9/11

This is a unique, must-read book for anyone interested in conspiracy theories.

Do you know what a conspiracy theory is? Or whether all conspiracy theories are the same?  Are they nonsense created by ‘crackpots’ and only believed by the gullible? Or are you concerned about how reliable and authoritative the official accounts of major controversial events are? Do you think some conspiracy theories are actually true?   If many people think there is compelling evidence that the Kennedy Assassination and the events of 9/11 were brought about by government conspiracies, why are conspiracy theorists dismissed as irrelevant by the mainstream mass media?

Conspiracy and Cover-Up addresses these key questions directly and is a unique, must-read book  for anyone interested in conspiracy theories.

The mainstream media regularly ridicule conspiracy theories and those who believe in them.  David Aaronovitch’s ‘Voodoo Histories’ is a notorious example of this contempt. In Conspiracy and Cover-Up, Emeritus Professor Robert Williams, a leading UK social scientist, challenges and confronts these patronising critiques and clearly demonstrates how flimsy and poorly founded they are. This book offers a fresh and original defence and explanation of conspiracy theory. It explains what conspiracy theories are and what they are not. Furthermore, it exposes the weaknesses, limitations and unwarranted assumptions in the accounts of those who wish to dismiss all conspiracy theories out of hand.

Professor Williams argues that conspiracy theories are not all the same and, just like other kinds of theories, some theories are more plausible and are supported by more evidence than others.  To illustrate and support his argument, the author has included case studies of two profoundly important events; the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the attacks of 9/11 in New York and Washington. Both events have attracted much attention from conspiracy theorists but the mainstream media has been dismissive of their accounts. Professor Williams takes the reader through both events taking care to identify which are the most plausible interpretations of the mass of often conflicting evidence.

He concludes that one of these events was probably the result of a conspiracy and the other was probably not. He argues that what is crucial is that anyone seeking to understand such events keeps an open mind and uses reason and evidence, rather than abuse and ridicule, to advance their arguments.

Conspiracy and Cover-up? can be purchased as an eBook via Amazon here.

The Corcovado Conspiracy

John Angell, a British ex-pat living in Brazil, is on his way to meet his daughter for the first time in five years. Rosa Vargas, President of a nation in an uncertain climate, is awaiting the arrival of her stepson, and the confidential information he was dispatched to uncover.

Unbeknownst to them both, one act of terrible violence will tear their worlds apart.

The ruthless search for answers and retribution will take John back to his birth country, where old faces reappear and new foes reposition themselves for a second attack.

On home shores, Angell will soon stumble upon the greatest conspiracy of the decade – one which threatens to blow apart an entire nation.

The Corcovado Conspiracy can be purchased as an eBook or in hard copy via Amazon here. 

The Potomac Plot

A man’s wife in captivity; a man’s life in the balance

Heading stateside for a series of lucrative lectures, Dr. Steven Wilson could scarcely believe his luck. Arriving at Logan Airport with cautious optimism, he and his wife Sarah disembarked from the plane. Only one would make it out of the lobby.

Alone and three thousand miles from home, Steven is dragged into a web of political intrigue, one which could shatter the most fragile of peace processes. The future of the world is in his unwitting hands, but his world has been taken hostage, and he will go to extreme lengths to get her back. Little does he know there is more than one life at stake.

The American dream would fast become a haunting nightmare.

The Potomac Plot can be purchased as an eBook or in hard copy via Amazon here. 

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